Skulls and Shackles

Escape from the Wormwood!

A Stormy Opportunity

The night after losing his arm, Sidon spoke to Rosie Cusswell about helping her obtain her violin. With little issue, he convinced his friend Cut-Throat Grok to let him take it back to her. Rosie was very grateful, promising to have Sidon’s back.
Meanwhile, Tael only barely survived his lashings from failing to finish his work the day before (due to heatstroke). He silently promised to have his revenge.
An opportunity came the next morning. All hands were on deck as a storm rocked the ship. Tael sneaked in a spell, charming Mr. Plugg. Convincing the rest of his allies to back up his claims, he convinced Mr. Plugg he was going to be imminently keelhauled. Horrified, Mr. Plugg aided them in stealing two lifeboats to escape. Immediately, a scuffle ensued, as Master Scourge, the only available crew officer, worked to stop them from escaping. His efforts were futile, though, and soon the party’s lifeboats were in the stormy waters.
Rowing through the storm was no easy task, but lashing the twin boats together, they managed. Before reaching Motaku Isle, the largest island in the Shackles, the crew of Mr. Plugg’s lifeboat tossed him overboard. He was sent to sea in the middle of a storm, never to be seen again… or at least, so it would seem.



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