Skulls and Shackles

Pirates and Prostitutes

Quent, the Deepwater Port

Finally reaching the popular port city of Quent, the party split up to attend to their own business after selling off treasure they had found. Tetra found a shop selling black powder for her gun, the shop appropriately named Black Powder. Sidon went to The Hooked Hand, a prosthetics shop where he ordered a mechanical arm with a clamp for a hand. Kofe met Doctor Bocul at the Lake Lily Clinic, getting a job there helping sailors back to their feet. Tael took Concho to the House of Stolen Kisses, a Calistrian temple and brothel.
Rosie and Sidon finally got together when in port, sharing a room and being startled awake by Tael’s shenanigans.
After a night’s rest, while everyone else was finding work throughout the city, Tael met Tessa Fairwind at Lilibeth’s Tavern and Hostel. She agreed to get the party a caravel in exchange for completing a job for her. The party would need to meet Halgo Tewey, a swordsmith from Rapier Bay, and convince him to move his shop to Quent. She had herself tried in the past, but the swordsmith stubbornly refused to move.



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