Skulls and Shackles

Rats and Owlbears

Days 3-5 on the Wormwood

An uneventful day came next, where Captain Harrigan ordered a pig slaughtered for a special evening meal of pork and bacon. Crew members began warming up to the party, but Master Scourge only seemed to get nastier towards Tael, the party’s gnome bard. Sidon met Owlbear Hartshorn, a man cruelly played with by the crew and treated as Mr. Plugg’s pet.
On the fourth day, Jack Scrimshaw, one of the other crew members, alerted the crew to dire rats lurking in the foul water of the bilges. A struggle far too great for mere rats ensued, as the party swung desperately and continued to be unable to hit the halfling-sized rodents. By the time the battle was over, Sandara Quinn was able to realize that the monk Sidon’s arm had been infected.
Mr. Plugg ordered the infected arm amputated, and separated Sandara from Sidon to ensure she doesn’t help him. Sidon challenged this, saying he would instead fight Owlbear, and if he won, he would get proper medical treatment from Sandara. Mr. Plugg giddily agreed to the terms.
Meanwhile, assigned by Master Scourge to the bilges, Tael suffered extreme heatstroke. He passed out near the end of the day, and was dragged out by an exuberant Master Scourge, who assigned him lashings for failing to perform his duties.
The next day, Sidon fought Owlbear. Despite Owlbear’s partial blindness, he soon was knocked out, and sent to the ship’s surgeon to have his arm removed. He passed out from the bone saw going through his arm.
Makow, the party’s incanter, finally had enough of the terrible conditions on the ship. Without a word to anyone, he teleported off of the ship and swam away.



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