Skulls and Shackles

The Wilds of Motaku Isle

The Wandering Weeks

After landing on shore, the party waited out the storm they’d fled in while coming up with a plan to reach civilization. Between the crew members, they ascertained that Quent was the nearest city to their location on the east edge of Motaku Isle, but getting there would be difficult, especially with no supplies. After a week spent trying and failing to build a pontoon from wood and the two ships they stole, they chose instead to go ahead and take the long way, foraging for food as they went.
Their first trial would be getting through a range of hills. On their first day in these hills, they met a young adult copper dragon named Rokiere, who demanded treasure in exchange for safe passage. The party agreed, killing a manticore and mining gems for the dragon so that they could pass. After two days mining, they finally set off again.
They soon met a new face, a woman in a similarly shipwrecked state who had been wandering alone for a while. They allowed her to join them on their journey to Quent.
After a few more days, they were set upon by a group of hobgoblin raiders, who attacked them in their valley from the hills. While not an easy fight, the party prevailed, even as Rosie nearly died from focused fire upon her.
When the party finally reached the border where the hills met the forest, after a full week of walking, they rejoiced and took a break. There, the party schemed to figure out how they would get a ship, and the authority they’d have upon it. They decided they would try and meet Captain Tessa Fairwind, a popular Pirate Lord and ruler of Motaku Isle. With her help, they figured, they could eventually acquire a ship and strike out on their mission of piracy and revenge against the Wormwood.
Before they could get into the drier sections of forest, the party was forced to slog through a marsh. This was bad enough on the first day, with the shorter members of the crew forced to be carried by taller members (the gnomes with Owlbear and Rosie with Sidon). It got ten times worse on the second day, as a storm hit the island, making walking conditions even worse and stirring a giant frilled lizard, which attacked them. With little effort (even as Rosie again was nearly killed), they dispatched the lizard and pressed on.
Finally reaching the dry depths of the forest was welcome respite, but not for long, for the party’s final and most desperate trial was yet to come. After a few days journeying through the deep forest, Sidon stopped the party just before walking into a massive spiderweb. Looking up, they saw dozens and dozens of man-sized spiders among the trees, and they realized they would need to navigate a maze of webs and fend off attacks from dropping spiders. They advanced slowly, with Sidon catching himself in webs twice and Rosie once. They pulled two bodies of previous victims, retrieving still-usable equipment from the bodies. When they finally reached the end of the maze, Tetra lit a torch and sent the forest up in flames behind them.
Finally, a few days later, the party met a group of adventurers who directed them over a large field to their final destination: Quent. Their weeks of trials and tribulations were over, and finally, they found civilization.



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