Skulls and Shackles

Shark Hunting

The Quest for a Caravel

To earn a caravel and a place in Tessa Fairwind’s fleet, the party set out for Rapier Bay to convince the swordsmith Halgo Tewey to move. They learned from his sons that their two sisters had been kidnapped, and a large supply of swords stolen by a gang called the Red Sharks. The gang mainly worked extortion rackets, but had recently become far more violent.
The party infiltrated a gambling and drug den where the Red Sharks had a known hideout. There, they convinced the Red Sharks to let them meet the second-in-command, who they surprise attacked and took down with ease. From her, they learned of the main hideout beneath an alchemy shop, where the boss Mercy was keeping the daughters.
A tense battle broke out in the dockside hideout, where several crew members flirted with death. In the end, though, they were victorious, killing Mercy and freeing the daughters (as well as quite a bit of plundered goods).
Halgo Tewey, in exchange for the safe return of his daughters, agreed to the party’s expectations. He promised to move to Quent within the month, taking up shop in a pre-built forge. Their mission successful, the party returned home and was rewarded with a caravel and crew.
Before they set out for a Free Captain’s life, the party was given advice on where to ply their trade, and a warning: Chelish pirate hunters stalked the Fever Sea.



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